Monday, December 22, 2008

You Can Grow!

The winter solstice has passed which means the days will become longer until spring arrives. I can hardly wait. What better time than now to plan your garden?

This page of advertising (and more tasty blender recipes) came out of a 1966 issue of Farm Journal. I love to look at old ads and see what inflation has done to today's prices. The "Trees that Grow" aren't far off from today's prices. How interesting. Could it be that trees are inflation-proof?

I have never grown dahlias or gladiolus. If it can't survive an Ohio winter it's not worth the effort to dig the planting hole. My grandma had a thing for glads though.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to whip up a batch of that blender sandwich spread.


  1. If only the worst months weren't ahead of us on our approach to Spring. I really don't like Winter weather. It isn't easy being a "farmer" in nasty cold. I have new respect for real farmers.

    I grew dahlias when we lived in Pittsburgh and we had some pretty nasty winters there. Lots of weather convergences--lake effect clashing with stuff coming up the Ohio River. It made for a lot of volatility. Anyhoo, why not try the dahlias and gladiolas. Whaddya got to lose?

  2. I saw the name of your blog, Everything Old and I just had to stop in for a peek. I love antiques, vintage, retro, anything old. You have a really nice blog :)


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