Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mrs. Friedrichs

I feel like Mrs. Friendrichs lately with all the cleaning and cooking I've been doing because of the holidays. But she looks much better with those cat's eyes glasses. And check out the wide collar on her dress. Back then women dressed to the nines, even for housework. I certainly don't put that much effort into my daily appearance. I've even been known to leave the house with a case of bed head. Shameful, I know.

Check out her nifty washer/dryer setup. How nice that she doesn't have to bend over to load and unload the machines! I also like the built-in kitchen radio above the fridge. They really knew how to build things back then, didn't they?


  1. That's a pretty fancy and large fridge for that time, too! We sure didn't have anything that fancy.

    Did you notice in the text that the radio was for "news, weather and market reports". Do you suppose that was the stock market or the "stock" (cattle, hogs, etc.) market? :)

  2. she actually ironed that dress with the collar too. is she wearing hose too? :-)

  3. Susan, this article came from the Ohio Farm Journal, so I assume she was a farmer's wife and probably was listening to the ag market reports. She sure had some nice stuff in her kitchen for that era!

    Joanna, isn't she spiffy? I can't tell if she's wearing hose or not, but wasn't it improper for a lady to not wear hose then? I'm pretty sure it was. I remember my grandma would hang her "hose" all over the shower curtain rod on wash day!

  4. lol! Years ago, when I was small I found a pair of those cat's eye glasses in one of Mama's dresser drawers. It's funny how we don't even realize what we look like when we buy into the trends lol!

    Bed head? Shoot, I thought that was the only style for stay at home moms like me.

    Fun stuff here :)
    Have a blessed day!


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