Saturday, December 20, 2008


It slices! It dices! It's Blendamatic!

This is the cover of an owner's manual for the Blendamatic blender, printed in 1965. I searched far and wide for a photo of the original blender but couldn't find one.

The majority of the owner's manual is dedicated to all sorts of interesting recipes. Let's all get our blenders out and make some "Chick-N-Cheese" pie. And did you know you can make meat loaf in a blender?

This page really caught my eye. "Around the world with your Blender" says it all. Someone out there please make the "Gefilte Fish" and post a photo to astound and amaze us all.


  1. Amy! Gotta make you some of that yummy gefilte fish. It will improve your Yiddish overnight! And the chopped liv-ah! Is there a recipe for matzo ball soup? That's a keeper, baby!

  2. Mmmmmm... nothing says "good eating" like fish in a blender :)

  3. Susan, I can't wait to schlep some of your gefilte fish! No, I don't see a recipe for matzo ball soup but one is bound to turn up in the pile of old recipes that I have on my desk. Stay tuned.

    Babbsela, you said it!

  4. Thanks, I'll pass on the fish in the blender, I'm going back over to the pie party.


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