Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Cold Is It?

This old thermometer was a promotional gift from the National Bank of Oak Harbor to its customers. The bank is still open today in my home town six miles south of Twelve Acres. I found this little treasure at Lene's Web. I need a thermometer inside the chicken coop and this little one fit the bill.

I nailed it right about one of their roosts. It fits snugly against the wall and the chickens can't knock it down.


  1. The chickens need to know what the temperature is? Have they got a woodstove in there? :-)

  2. Joanna, Ha! They wish they had a woodstove!

  3. Love it. I with Joanna, they need a woodstove. Mine would be happy with a light bulb.


  4. First the humans get a woodstove, then the chooks can have one.

  5. Nice thermometer, Amy. It sure beats the looks of the one I have in the coop.


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