Monday, March 2, 2009

Antique Angel Food

While perusing my collection of vintage cake recipes, I found this one which had been printed on the circular insert found inside an angel food cake pan. It was just the excuse I needed to finally try out my vintage angel food cake pan! I also needed a really good way to use up a lot of eggs in one shot. The recipe used 1 1/2 cups of eggs whites. I saved the yolks and used them to make some chocolate ice cream in my new ice cream maker. Nothing went to waste.

I wasn't sure what to expect since this was my first attempt at angel food cake, and it was the first time I've used this particular cake pan.

The cake turned out better than I had hoped and was delicious. My guys' eyes lit up when they saw the cake. What is it about cake that males find so irresistible?

I have to add that the plate is also a vintage find from Lene's Web. It's larger and flatter than a dinner plate which make it very nice for a cake platter.

And I finally got a chance to use my angel food cake cutter with the Bakelite handle. It looks like a very large comb. It works its way through delicate cake really well. The large perforations can then be torn by hand and you're left with a wedge of picture-perfect cake! I suppose it would also be very handy for grooming sheep, if you were so inclined.


  1. I seem to be coming across a whole set of unusual blogs this afternoon. Vintage recipes!

    Amongst my recipe books, my favourite for making breads and buns is one published by Good Housekeeping in 1960. I don't suppose that counts as 'vintage' but the atmosphere of it seems very old, older than its date - and the recipes are good.

    Mary Sharpe

  2. Looks good, Amy, but where's that chocolate ice cream melting beside it on my plate? Hmmmm?

  3. Oh my goodness... I have never seen a cake cutter like that before. The cake looks wonderful! blessings,Kathleen

  4. I have one of these (cake cutter) with a red handle that I bought 32 years ago in an antique shop in Elkhart, IN. I use it to comb my hair! That's right.

    At the time I purchased it, curly permanents were in fashion. You could not get a regular comb to go through those tight permanent bobs, so I used one of these. I got so used to it, that I can't use a regular comb anymore. Even a brush does not work as well as one of these cake slicers. LOL! I did have three of them at one time, but I managed to lose the other two.

    Try finding a comb today that will still look and function like new 80 years after it's made!!


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