Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Magic" Fruit Cake

Just in time for the holidays! Yes folks, it's Magic Fruit Cake! I'm not sure what the "magic" part is though. This marketing booklet (copyright 1954) was printed by The Borden Company and targeted to Home Economics Classes.

What's your take on fruit cake? Personally, I don't like it. I tried it once and once was enough! (All photos can be clicked for the larger version.)

It's interesting to note how technology has changed since 1954. It's a hoot that they considered a woman cooking with a wood stove to be old school. Looking at the "modern" woman of 1954 makes me think, "We've come a long way baby!"

Be sure to include Magic Fruit Cake in your menus!


  1. Amy, I love it. The thing I like best about old stuff always works and works like it should. I have never bought anything old at a flea market or yard sale that didn't work. Good workmenship goes a long way. Besides I just love gadgets.


  2. Chris, I hear ya! Old stuff just works right. Manufacturers need to revert back to the standards of the 50's! And gadgets are a lot of fun. I'd have a lot more than I do if I had the room for them.

  3. I'm pretty sure the "magic" was the already-prepared mince meat and the sweetened condensed milk. I remember seeing that recipe in magazines when I was little. I love fruitcake made by the right people. My MIL makes a wonderful one and so does Collin Street Bakery in Texas. You can order from them online. It's yummy.

  4. Susan, I'm sure your MIL's version is much better than the one I tried. I just can't get into all that candied fruit and nuts! Ewww!


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