Saturday, December 13, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again

My love and appreciation for vintage items has been the inspiration for this new blog, "Everything Old". I collect vintage kitchen items from my favorite trash and treasure place, Lene's Web. Marlene Webb went to high school with my mom and I was introduced to her years ago when mom and I went on one of many "treasure hunts" in Marlene's big barn.

Years later, I've come to realize that the vast majority of my serving pieces, utensils and dishes came from Lene's Web. Here I will post photos of my favorite things. I know I'm not the only "old soul" out there who loves vintage things and I look forward to hearing stories from others who's "mom had one just like it". I'll also post recipes and fun advertisements here.

Marlene gave me the last of Mrs. Gulau's recipe collection today. I was very touched because she told me that she was giving them to me (free of charge) because she knew I would appreciate them. Wasn't that a sweet thing to do? It was a big envelope stuffed with recipe booklets from manufacturers such as Sunbeam and Shetland as well as companies Betty Crocker and General Mills.

Here's a photo of the items I purchased today. I am planning my "Nothing But Pie" party for next weekend and I needed a very retro punch bowl. Marlene had several and I chose this one with a nice swirly shape. Notice the extra, smaller bowl. I'm assuming that the goal is to freeze part of the punch in the smaller bowl. The frozen punch "ice cube" is then placed inside the larger punch bowl to keep the punch cold without diluting it the way ice cubes would. Isn't it lovely how the little cups hang from the punch bowl edge? I love it.

Also I'm in love with the Bakelite handled angel food cake cutter. The red handled spatula is under the "Androck" name. Even my son Derek noticed the quality of the "Made in the U.S.A." utensil. They just don't make 'em like they used to but I'm so glad these things can still be found if you look hard enough. I plan to use it on the grill. I love the tapered handle. So retro! You can also see some of the recipe books that Marlene gave me.

And now a word from our sponsor...Frigidaire.

Doesn't this lady look ecstatic about her new Frigidaire Cook-Master oven? Heck, I'd be ecstatic if my oven looked like that too. (Click on photo for full size version.)


  1. Just love this blog! Pretty glass ware. I felt the same way the lady looks like in the picture the first year that we moved out to the country. The house was total electric and I had a gas oven. We had spent all extra cash on closing costs, so I had to wait for tax refund time to get an electric stove. I managed to still put on wonderful meals for my family through that time using a lot of imagination. Enjoyed visiting, blessings, Kathleen

  2. Kathleen, thanks! I love this oven so much. I plan to get a more modern version ASAP. I just can't imagine what baking was like before electric stoves. A full day of baking wipes me out today, I don't know if I could have handled it in the early 1900s! How much was your new electric stove?

  3. How fun! You're right your love of old things was taking over Twelve Acres. I like it, I like it!

  4. Susan, thanks! It's going to be a fun blog.


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