Monday, December 15, 2008

Aunt Nita's Bowl

This green glass bowl once belong to my great-Aunt Juanita. It ended up in my mom's collection a few years ago and now it's in my kitchen. I used it to hold some grated Parmesan cheese for dinner tonight.

I can't find a single maker's mark anywhere on it. I'm assuming it's Depression glass because of its age and color. The brim has a rather sharp edge on it like a lot of Depression pieces have. If you have one like it I'd be interested in knowing more about it.

It's a very good size for the kitchen and holds about a pint. I love my vintage kitchen items not only for their looks but also for their usefulness.


  1. it's one piece with a spout, hmmm. did you knit the pad under it?

  2. Amy, I love green glass and we have a bunch of it around here somewhere. Beautiful piece of history that finds it's way to the kitchen even today, gotta love that old stuff.


  3. Joanna, no mom knit that hot pad. I use it a lot. The spout is interesting too.

    Chris, yes I love being able to use these pieces regularly. It's nice to have them around still.

  4. Your green transparent glass batter bowl was made by the Hocking Glass Company (later known as Anchor Hocking Glass Co). It is considered depression kitchen glassware.

  5. Janice, thank you. You are a world of information!


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