Sunday, February 22, 2009


This little cabinet sits in the corner of the dining room. It was used to store sewing supplies when it was in my grandma's house. She kept bobbins, needles and spools of thread in it. The ends have secret compartments in them and if you lift the ends on either side up you can find lots of extra storage there. I keep hot pads and candle supplies in it now. It's convenient to have the hot pads for the table right there when I need them.

A closer look at the items on top shows some family heirlooms. The oil lamp and the china dish were grandma's. The wood bowls were made on my grandpa's wood lathe from wood taken from a log cabin owned by the Miller family in our township. The brown glass bottles were found in the nearby Toussaint River. I found the white glass hen dish at Lene's Web two years ago. It doesn't have a knick on it.

I found the old school books at Lene's Web too and I put them under the oil lamp as a tribute to my grandma who was a school teacher.

This is the maker's mark on the back of the china dish. I've never researched it but I'm sure it's a common pattern. Grandma never bought anything really expensive. She was a very thrifty person.

It's the only piece I have from this pattern. I always thought the colors were nice even though the oriental pattern is not my taste. I like the orange and brown together and it looks right at home on top of the sewing cabinet.


  1. Oh, that dish is gorgeous! Love the colors. My mom had a milk glass hen like that. She kept those little pink creamy peppermint disk candies in it. I always hated those things.

    I'm expecting a box any day now!

  2. Susan, ah yes, that box is being put together as we speak. I hated those mints too. My son loves those little square mints, the kind you often find at weddings. I think they're horrible!

  3. I love these old sewing cabinets. The many drawers and secret compartments are great for storing little things. I have mine by my door with a strange assortment of gloves, napkins, hot pads, stamps and notecards.

  4. I wish I could tell you who made your pretty dish, but I haven't been able to find that mark.

    I did, however, find out that the numbers on the back (registration numbers)show that your dish's pattern was registered sometime between 1902 and 1903. So it is definitely an antique!


  5. VioletSky, Aren't they handy little cabinets? I'm so glad I have this one.

    Janice, Wowwee! That dish is pretty old! I'll have to try to find the maker.

  6. Just lovely. I have that same chicken - and a flock of tinier ones - they often sit on my sideboard.


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